Primary Care

Management of chronic medical conditions.
Refills of medications.
Diabetes Management.
High cholesterol.
Anxiety. Depression.
Mental Health
Referrals to specialist.
Hospital Follow Ups.
Blood Work in house.
and much more...

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Acute Care

Sinus problems
Laceration Repair
Steroid Shots
Pain Shots
Joint Pain
Physical Exams
Acute Injuries
"Spider Bites"
Abscess- Skin Infections

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Your Convenience

Our clinic has labs, x-rays, and treatment within the facility (in house). Therefore no need for our patients to travel to hospitals, or other facilities just for standard care.
Easy access, one floor building made for patient convenience. Patients will always be seen by a skilled physician.
All services with flexible payment options and billing options.

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Our Medical Clinic puts patient service, convenience and health above all else.

Great service and treatment of our patients, without the wait. We make sure all of our patient can be seen the day of, and that they are completely satisfied. 24-hour answer service and complete electronic medical records for the best up to date care.
Our clinic currently host two family physicians- Dr. Vu Mai, and Dr. Andre Tilton.